2012-2013 Executive Board

Tina Grasso
Bethany Chambers
Vice President
Melissa Buff
Candice Craig


Chapter Members

Allie Panichella
Recruitment Chair
Julie Ostrovskaya
Academic Chair
Timi Adediran
Social Chair
Timi Adediran
Philanthropy Chair
Liz Fulda
Fundraising Chair
Inuk Jung/Jessica Fyfe
Big/Little Chair
Samantha Coffman
J-Board Chair
Victoria Scalfari
By-Laws Chair
Victoria Scalfari
PHA Delegate
Kelsey Coyle
Sisterhood Handbook Chair
Emily Beveridge
Gamma Gear Chair
Rachel Sandlain
Candidate Educator
inuk Jung
Ceremony Chair
Kelsey Coyle
Rachel Sandlain
Alum Liaison
Jessica Fyfe
Recognition Chair
Emily Beveridge
Faculty Liason
Nidhi Mittal
Webmistress/Publicity Chair



Alpha Class
Payal Aggarwal
Leah Betman
Jennifer Bonass
Leanne Foster
Alice Rhodes
Linda Thompson
Tiffany Winterling

Beta Class
Anuoluwapo Balogun
Carol Hong
Rosa Iannone
Beverly Kremann
Heather Long
Amber Norfolk
Caitlin Reavey
Megan Sadoughi
Maura Sateriale
Jo Zitur

Gamma Class
Ashley Bowen
Cristina Casaje
Frances Chingcuanco
Alex Clark
Sam Devine
Erin Doxtater
Michelle Grasso
Sophia Kim
Husseina Ozigi-Otaru
Carol Sanderson
Jess Schwartz
Jess Brown
Alison Ebaugh
Miriam Sexton

Delta Class
Lauren Anthony
Monique Apollon
Heidi Im-Jenkins
Jenny Lejano
Venice Luceriaga
Galina Madjaroff
Phuong Nguyen
Annie Tedga
Cara Trainor
Kathy Tran

Epsilon Class
Sabrina Bates
Caitlin Baum
Alex Chambers
Aubrey Hillman
Lauren Copeland

Zeta Class
Meghan Butler
Pei-Chun Chen
Brie Chilcoat
Julie Henley
Janelle Littlejohn
Lucy Lu
Sneha Patel
Chelsey Soroka
Denise Van
Vania Dienzo

Eta Class:
Meechie Canada
Kristin Crizer
Laurette Femnou
Allie Glascock
Amanda Halford
Amelia Jennings
Treesa Joseph
Saliha Khan
Angela Nealen
Diana Omoyeni
Sameen Raza
Kimberly Shurupoff
Sam Sussan
Giovanna Iannone
Paige Miller
Christine Bermudez
Amy Detorres
Hannah Kim
Surosh Nazeer

Iota Class:
Sara Kibrom
Christine Lay
Bethany Chambers
Joanna Wong

Kappa Class:
Meghan Godwin
Suatee Kollue
Minerva Song

Lambda Class:
Cassie Dobrzanski
Tina Grasso
Rachel Sandlain
Victoria Scalfari

Mu Class:
Melissa Buff
Chandni Chand
Rohini Choppala
Amal Manseur
Allie Panichella
Rajvi Parmar

Nu Class:
Timi Adediran
Jojo Aqeel
Emily Beveridge
Candice Craig
Kristen Ford
Liz Fulda
Ellie Philmon

Xi Class:
Samantha Coffman
Inuk Jung
Kayan Jones
Jasmine Malhotra
Nidhi Mittal

Omicron Class:
Kelsey Coyle
Jessia Fyfe
Julie Ostrovskaya
Sana Waris



Abigail Williams
Ai Onda
Bethany Kelley
Folabomi Shonubi
Margaret Anna Emond
Shelby Coppolino
Ugonnaya Obineme







Why Choose ASK?

1. Sisterhood

Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies is the sisterhood. Having sisters there to act as mentors and friends can be both rewarding and fun. Sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa become life long friends and stay in touch years after they graduate. They've been bridesmaids, god parents, and most of all - best friends.

2. Leadership

Leadership opportunities abound in sororities, and Alpha Sigma Kappa is no different. If anything, because of our smaller size, we offer more opportunities for every Sister and even Candidates to become involved in the running of our chapter. Sisters may run for executive offices, hold appointed chair positions, and sit on committees, while Candidates may be their Candidate Class representative, and also sit on committees to plan important chapter events.

3. Personal

Being a part of something larger than yourself can help you to define who you are. Through helping the Sisterhood to grow and strengthen, you are strengthening your own values, and learning how to set and achieve goals. It is our hope that every Candidate grows as a person during her Candidate semester, even if she chooses not to become a Sister. We help to see this through by providing more than just education about our Sorority and Greek Life during that semester, we also offer seminars and workshops on such important skills as time management, setting a budget, learning about how to get out of debt, and by offering social situations where Candidates and Actives alike can hone their social skills and become more personable, more responsible, or whatever other personal goal she has set for herself that semester.

4. Mentor

Since Alpha Sigma Kappa is a sorority for women in the sciences and engineering fields, many sisters are able to take classes together. This allows them to help each other with homework, tests, and studying. Many other sisters have also had the same classes before, so there is always someone there to help. We set up study times several times a month and use that time to give each other a hand.

Outside of academics, Candidates receive a Big Sister to help her learn about the sorority and begin to understand her role in it. Big Sisters, along with all the other members provide help and guidance in every aspect of a sister's life - family, friends, school, jobs. Joining Alpha Sigma Kappa is a great way for a Freshman to learn about the University and the many opportunities that exist.